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Become a CyberCrimeFighter!

Choose to be UnHackable

In a modern world full of noise and distraction, we focus on a long term vision of providing kids a solid foundation of digital literacy, safe technology life skills, resilience and responsibility.

Be Resourceful and Resilient

From friendly competition to cyberbullying, a child’s ability to deal with diverse situations is an important aspect of adaptation.


Be Ethical and Responsible

When confronted with a noisy world of diverging opportunities, finding the signal often means doing what’s important.


Be Sharp and Stay Curious

Children are capable of doing new things with passion, curiosity and focus, if only we can create a sufficiently protective environment.


(Y)Our mission: to expose cyber evil, fasten seat belts, smash cyber crime, tie shoe laces.

In that order. Are you game?

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Posted on June 1, 2020 in Awesomeness

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